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We will provide an image of your company's success with custom floral and unique designs. Custom designed flowers will help create an experience and set a tone that will leave your customers with a lasting impression of your business.

The Little Flower Shop will highlight the architecture, branding and style of your specific company with fresh flowers and arrangements in a manner to add character, color and the sense of a welcoming environment. 

We will provide a range of floral design, delivery and maintenance services. We will rotate fresh flowers weekly, unique designs each month, and even outdoor displays each season. Displays range from welcoming reception arrangements packed with color and presence to bountiful, long lasting planted arrangements that bring creativity and inspiration to any environment. This will help set your company apart.

The Benefits

Here are some additional benefits to opening an account with The Little Flower Shop.

No Charge for Vases or Delivery:  Complimentary use of our vases that will be swapped out by our team every rotation. Enjoy changing styles at no cost to you. Also, the normal delivery fee will be waived.

Payment: Your account will be unique to you.  You can set up a payment system that best fits your needs. We have three available options:

-Cash or check on delivery

-Auto monthly pay via credit card

-Billing sent via mail