• 1. To get started,  we do weddings and events a bit differently than other florists. We are primarily a flower shop that also does weddings (extending our offerings of daily arrangements for event purposes) as opposed to a florist that specializes (and basically only creates) weddings. →

  • 2. For us, events and item offerings are just like what we make for our daily arrangements, with the exception of bridal bouquets and bouts, which we do not list on the site. All vase arrangements and bud vases will be the same overall design style, price, and look as what we offer in our shop. All vase arrangement pricing includes the vase.  Please check out the photos below as well as our Instagram to get a good feel for our style and what those arrangements look like! →

  • 3. We do not offer strike (clean up at the end of an event), which can sometimes be a hurdle when clients request arbor pieces, however, most clients love this. Since we are not returning at the end of the event,  all of the arrangements and vases are yours to keep. Feel free to gift them to guests or take them home. →

  • 4. We do not have a cost minimum, everything is a la carte. Please provide a list of the items you know you need and any descriptions (table size, how many people will sit at the table, layout etc.) and we can help you figure out what elements will work best. Please share inspirational images if you have any. They help a lot to communicate color palettes!

  • 5. Once the deposit is issued and paid your date is set. Most likely will take a little communication break at that point, waiting until we are about 2 months from the wedding day to finalize any items that need more time to lock in. We will do the final payment once everything is finalized and then we are good to go! →

  • 6. As we are a small team, we do prefer to do all of our event coordination by email, as it ultimately is a cost-saving we can pass on to you. A 10% preproduction fee is added to all of our events to cover the time and labor of our events staff.  We do offer in-person meetings or phone calls only if needed or requested. These can be scheduled with us and booked per 30 minutes. If you are interested in these we can email you our fees. We do not do onsite visits, mock-ups, or rentals.

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